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Krist Jayanti School, Bariya

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About Krist Jayanti School

Krist Jayanti School, Bariya is a Christian minority school, founded in 2000 and owned and managed by Noida Assisi Education Society of the Franciscan Clarist Congregation of India, a registered charitable and educational society.


To form an integrated person with the mission of establishing the reign of God, accepting the fatherhood of God and universal brotherhood.
To instill in our students the values love, truth, justice, forgiveness and tolerance and thereby become a channel of peace.
To appreciate the Indian heritage and imbibe its culture and ethos for building a harmonious society, irrespective of faith, language, and caste.
To awaken a sense of Eco consciousness and love for nature.
Our target is education for all, especially for the poor and the marginalized, recognizing the face of Jesus in them. 

Our Aim

Education shall aim for the full development of personality and strive to nature the citizens, sound in mind and body, who are imbued with the qualities necessary for those who form a peaceful and democratic state and society.

Cultivate a rich sensibility & responsibility.