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In most of the cases, we use WordPress, the most popular content management system for websites. In fact, about 55% of the internet runs on WordPress! It’s the best platform to use for the vast majority of websites (unless you’re looking to build something that’s super complex).

You’ll be able to update/change the content on your website whenever you want if you continue with us as per annual maintenance contract(AMC).

If you’ve already bought a domain name, that’s great. If you haven’t chosen one yet, that’s completely fine. We’ll help you to buy a domain and set its name servers and other files so it can work well with our hosting.

You also have an option of sub-domain. We’ll give you a sub-domain, your domain will look like

We carefully review every application that comes our way. In reviewing applications, we look for the following characteristics:

Yes, 100%. If you don’t want to continue with our AMC then once we’re done working on your website, you’ll delete our user account and we’ll have no additional ability to make edits or changes. We will not own your website nor control it in any way.

We review most applications within 48 hours, If you didn’t get any reply from us then you can call on number mentioned above. 

If you get back to our emails promptly and don’t request any complex additional features, we aim for a completion time of no more than 3 weeks. If you take longer to think about your content, design, logo, etc., that’s no problem for us and we can work at your pace. 

Yes, According to annual maintenance contract(AMC) we provide you life time support and service.

To Know more about AMC Check out our Featured Section. 

  1. eCommerce Website
  2. Business Website
  3. Blog Website
  4. Portfolio Website
  5. Multi Vendor Website
  6. Informational Website
  7. Online Forum
  8. Learning Management System(LMS Website)

& Many More..!

(you can customize these however you wish).  You can see some samples of our websites here : Samples

We set up the website for you, including doing both backend and frontend work. At that point, all you have to do is to give us contents for your website Including photos, Tag Lines, Features, Logo etc. We send you a very detailed demo that helps you ready contents.

The best way to ensure that your website looks really good is to use a professionally designed one. These are website designs built by professional graphic designers and they will make your website look great.

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